So... you've decided it is time to retire.  Or maybe you are just unhappy where you are and want to move to Arizona where you have heard you can live your best, most active life and makes lots of new friends who are doing the same.  You might even have friends or family that already live in one of our Phoenix west valley age restricted communities.  If you do, and you like where they live, you will have a built-in social head start.  BUT, what if that community doesn't feel... "like you"?  Would it surprise you to hear that you are not alone?  

Each of our 45+ and 55+ Active Adult Retirment communities has its own feel.  And what is right for your family and/or friends may not be the right fit for you.  Some communities are gated, some have a small town feel, some have every activity and amenity under the sun while some are limited to what they offer, some are newer with a more contemporary feel, some are older with a more traditonal style of home, some have lots of golf courses while others have only one or two.

Only you know what feels right for you and you probably won't really know until you come visit Arizona.  We understand.  It's a process we are very familiar with and we will work with you as you navigate it all.

Below are the communities we work in the west valley (from the north to the south).  Click on the community tabs to get more info