The following Corte Bella floor plans depict the original designs with the base square footage.  Any upgrades and/or alterations to current listings are not depicted here.


Corte Bella Miramar Collection Floor Plans

25132    Granada     3,027 sq.ft.
25131    Figueroa     2,785 sq.ft.


Corte Bella Catalina Collection Floor Plans

25124    Alameda      2,727 sq.ft.
25123    Mirada       2,560 sq.ft.
25122    Cambria      2,337 sq.ft.
25121    Encanto      2,070 sq.ft.


Corte Bella Presidio Collection Floor Plans

25114    San Marco      1.904 sq.ft.
25113    San Ysidro      1,811 sq.ft.
25112    Arcada      1,610 sq.ft.
25111    Montecito      1,352 sq.ft.


Corte Bella Villa Floor Plans

The Quinta      1,282 sq.ft.
The Bellita      1,155 sq.ft.





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