Watching the short sales in Sun City Grand is a good way to see what might be coming on the market as a future foreclosure... but only if the listing agent and seller are unsuccessful in their negotiations with the bank(s).  If you see an exceptionally nice short sale home, you might not want to take a chance it will be foreclosed on.  While there are no guarantees, we are starting to see successful conclusions to short sale negotiations, one reason our foreclosure rates are very low compared to the rest of the greater Phoenix area.

If the following listings have an "AWC-" instead of "Active" it is an indication there is at least one purchase contract on the property and they are accepting back-up offers.  Buyers back out of short sale offers quite often so these listings could show up as being active again.  You should check back often or have me set you up with a custom search that will notify you of status changes.

Sun City Grand Short Sale Properties